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The Arc of the United States was founded in 1950.
At that time little was known about intellectual and developmental disabilities and there were no programs nor activities for the development and care of persons with ID/DD and family support. To address this situation this fledgling organization set out 3 priorities:

To change public perceptions

To educate parents and others concerning potentials

To procure services for persons denied day care, preschool, education and work programs

The Arc of the US today
is the world's largest community based organization of people and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Through its 850 state and local chapters the organization has 140,000 members.  The chapters range in size from small volunteer groups to large sophisticated multi-million dollar service providing operations.

Every individual and family affected by intellectual and developmental disability should have access to information, advocacy and skills they need to participate as active citizens of our democracy and active members of their community.  We work to ensure that people with ID and DD and their families have the supports they need to live an ordinary, decent, American life.

Advocacy at the federal  and state levels has been effective over the years.  Today the majority of persons with ID/ DD do have access to some help.  While the scope of this support still needs to be improved considerable strides have been made since the early 50's.  More recently The Arc of Missouri was successful in advocating the need to reduce the 'Wait List".

However, today at the state and federal levels governments have the unenviable task of reducing total expenditures.  Everything will be reviewed.  In order to ensure that our cause is heard and understood at government levels ADVOCACY has to be stepped up into high gear.  Membership numbers add credence to our cause.  So now is the time to stand up and be counted and join our efforts by becoming a member of the  state/local chapter and in so doing become a member of the largest organization supporting persons with ID / DD in the US.  Your membership counts. 

If you are interested in additional membership information, please e-mail arcinfo@arcofmissouri.org.


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